Photography Tips

wedding photographyCreate a list of all of the important shots that you will need to take. If there is one particular tactic that wedding photographers have always done or taken advantage of that you should emulate or mimic by all means, it would have to be the practice of creating a shot list of all of the important moments that need to be documented during the actual wedding day event.

1. Meet up with the bride and groom and discuss all of the important shots that they would like  you to prioritize above everything else.

This is something that can prove to be particularly helpful when it comes to the aspect of documenting the family photos especially if you are dealing with a particularly large wedding party. This list will also get to save you one way or the other from having that age old argument between clients and wedding photographers about the important moments being missed out on during the wedding photography coverage. That is not the kind of argument that you would like to have any day soon. You should also add in a few items of your own.

Make sure that you get to keep the list with you all of the time during the wedding photography coverage and check things off as you go along. Over time, you will get better and better at this and you might not need the list so much eventually. However, if you are just technically starting out, then sticking to the list of important shots is the best way to go about it at the end of the day.

2. Get a photo coordinator, preferably someone who is a part of the family.

Believe it or not, what most of the seasoned and veteran wedding photographers out there usually complain about is how difficult or how stressful the family photo shoots can be during wedding photography events. People are going about in different kinds of directions. You do not know most, if not all of the family members to actually know or understand how all of the dynamics will come into play. The thing about celebrations in general is that people tend to get a little bit rowdy and boisterous especially since there will almost always be alcohol involved. Ask the bride and groom for an official “photo coordinator”. Tell them to pick someone who is familiar with the family members from both sides or you can even pick two coordinators, one from the side of the bride and one from the side of the groom, if this will work better for the situation. This is a tactic that has made things so much easier to wedding photographers Los Angeles and should be something that you should have up your sleeve as well. This will make your family photo shoots come in more seamlessly and smoother than usual.

3. Scout the venue of the wedding a few days ahead of time.

It is also highly important that you prepare for everything ahead of time. Get your gear cleaned and prepped up routinely. Clear out all of your memory cards and back up all of your images after every single event. Visit locations ahead of time so that you can familiarize yourself with the place and so that you do not have to fumble over the details during the actual wedding day event.

Photography Tips

Clearly draft out the items included in your service wedding photography tips

Wedding photography is a bit of a tricky road to travel down to and it is something that you would have to really make sure that you are prepared for. It can be a really competitive niche in photography but it is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative niches out there. What is so great about this though is the fact that the client base almost never runs out. People get married day in and day out and year after year and when it all comes down to it, they will opt to get their wedding events covered through photography services one way or the other. If this is something that you would like to start getting into professionally, then make sure that you go ahead and draft out a contract of sorts. Make sure that all of the service points that you are able to include are inclusive as ever. You need to have them all lined up in black and white. You will need to make sure that you are able to manage the expectations of your clients. This is to avoid any arguments that might ensue in the long run when you and your clients disagree about what they will be getting.

Do not overshoot

Wedding photography can be a really time consuming task. As a matter of fact, that is one of the main reasons why wedding photography fees can go way high up in some cases. It takes a lot of time to shoot and even more time to go ahead and edit at some point. Ironically, studies show that about half of the photos being taken by Mallorca wedding photographers end up being discarded. You do not want to waste that much time and effort at the end of the day and that is why it is important for you to remember to not overshoot as much as possible. The general rule of thumb would have to be about three clicks per person or group photo. Make three clicks and then after that, move on. Do not take too much out of people’s time. You will also spend less time thinking when you are in the editing process which makes the reason not to overshoot all the more compelling for wedding photographers in general.

Scout the venue ahead of time

You should really schedule the way that you check out your photo shoots. At some point or so, you will need to scout the venue well ahead of time. You will need to review the area and take a few of some practice shots. Try to go ahead and visit the venue about a few days before the actual wedding event starts so that you have ample enough time one way or the other. You can schedule this as an engagement shoot. The bride and the groom will really greatly appreciate it and you can put it in as an add on item in your service package list.

Photography Tips

wedding photographyYou get to edit your photos without running the risk of ruining them.

In wedding photography, one of the most stressful parts of the coverage is not actually the shooting part itself. The most stressful aspect is when you go to the post shoot part of the process. One teeny tiny little mistake can ruin your file and get lost forever if you do not film your images in RAW. JPEG in particular is considered as a really “lossy” file because of the fact that every time you edit it, it alters the file forever. That means that one tiny mistake on the editing tool will mean you will lose your original file forever and you will not be able to go back and correct it. RAW files on the other hand leave the original files untouched and save a new copy for the edited photos. That way, you can edit away without having to worry about your files.

You get to have access to a really efficient work flow.

Right after the actual wedding day event, you will be on some sort of a time crunch. The bride and groom will expect the finished product from you in a matter of days after the actual event. This can be a bit of an issue for you and can pose a serious problem if you do not have a productive and efficient work flow established beforehand. The beauty of RAW files is that you will be able to edit them in huge batches when you pair them up with editing programs. This will save you time and save you from any kind of frustrations as well. You will be able to speed edit your photos and you do not have to go through the hassle of having to upload them one by one.

It is the professional option to go with.

The experts in professional wedding photography out there just hands down vouch for the advantages of filming in RAW. They have been there and done that in the field. They have tried and tested a bunch of different techniques and strategies over the years. They have experience to back them up as well in the process. If these experts are absolutely adamant about standing by the advantages of RAW files, then it is probably high time for you to start listening to what these professionals are saying.

You get the best quality in both digital and print images.

If you are big on photo quality, as you should be because wedding photography is all about delivering the best possible photos to clients who are paying top dollar for your services and for the products that you produce. This may sound like something totally outdated to you at first but the truth of the matter is that clients actually still pretty much appreciate the novelty of great looking photos in print. RAW prevents posterization (which can really make the prints look yucky) and that is why it is the best thing to go with if you are a bit of a quality buff.

Photography Tips

Invest in your continuing educationwedding photography tips

Education is one of the most important things that you will ever get to spend your money on. If you have any hopes and dreams of being able to make it like those wedding photographers out there who have carved out names and fortunes for themselves, then this is definitely where you should start. Improve your craft and invest in a really great photography course. Make sure that it is something that is worth every single dollar that you put into it.

Research the photography courses available out there.

Try to find out which one will get to suit you the most. Look at the teacher you will be conducting the curriculum.Try to see if that teacher is successful in his own rights. Try to see as well if the photography style will be in line with what you are interested in. this is not a cheap endeavor and this will cost you a lot of money but this is the best thing that you can ever invest on because you are pouring the money into yourself and into the skills that you are about to learn. Find out if the schedule is something that you can work with as well. If you think that you have too many things going on, try to look for a photography course that you can take online instead. It will not give you the privilege of hands on training but if you pay enough attention, you will learn the skills you need to learn just the same.

Work on getting all of the experience that you can possibly get your hands on

Do not be picky with the jobs that you are being given. You will not start right at the top of the totem pole. You will start at the very bottom and that is alright. You do not have to be there forever, just for a little while. You will soon find out that all of the different kinds of photography out there have their own kinds of strengths and techniques to offer you and you can definitely learn something from every single one of them.

Surround yourself with positivity

Your dream of taking on your passion as your business as well is not something that will sit quite easily to some people. They will think that you are being audacious and just a little bit careless and reckless with your choices. Some will say that you are throwing your life away by going after something so way up in the air. Do not let these negativities get you down. Surround yourself with people who support you and your dreams and make things easier for you.

Get a job on the side to support you for when you are still working on building your business and on becoming one of the successful wedding photographers London out there. You do not want to look desperate to your clients. Getting a job on the side will help you keep things afloat while you are still trying to book your clients. It will save you the worry of having to go through hoops just so that you can get your basic necessities down.

Photography Tips

wedding photography1. Wear comfortable shoes when you are running around and shooting the wedding event.

Believe it or not, wedding photography actually requires a lot of walking around and running around and you should brace yourself for it and prepare yourself well for it if this is something that you would like to get into. Although you might think that it can actually be a pretty good idea for you to opt for that really great pair of high heels because it looks great on your feet; you should seriously back track and think things through again. You have to understand the fact that you will be on your feet all of the time. You will have very little time for you to sit down and rest a bit. This is definitely not something that you would like to opt for unless you want to end up being the most irritable and tired wedding photographer in town. You will want to be in your best disposition and in your best shape above all else and great and comfortable shoes is one of the best ways for you to start your coverage.

2. Maintain open lines of communication with the bride and groom at all times.

If there is one thing that you would need to make sure that you are able to establish quite early on, it would have to be your relationship with your clients. Always keep in mind the fact that when all is said and done, they are the ones who are paying for your professional services. Before even planning anything out on your own, talk it out with the bride and groom. Ask them what they would like to do in the wedding. Ask them if there are any particular traditions that they would like to uphold. Be particular when it comes to managing their expectations. Discuss the kind of price that they would like to shell out in exchange for what you are offering them. If you are to ever make sure that your clients will come in as satisfied as ever, then you will need to map it all out one way or the other.

3. Create a must-have list of shots that you will need to take.

Make sure that it is something that you keep on yourself at all times at least while you are covering the wedding event. One of the most common arguments that clients and their wedding photographers have is that they might end up arguing back and forth about missed moments or missed shots in the wedding. You can easily avoid this kind of argument by making sure that you meet up with the bride and the groom well ahead of time and ask them for their preferred must have shots. Get it documented and perhaps even add in a few items of your own. Over time, you will become an expert and judge whether or not certain moments require documenting and you will be able to tell it so in a matter of a split second. However, if you are just starting out in wedding photography and this skill is still not a part of your arsenal at some point, then the best option for you to go for would be to check it off on an actual list.

Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsThe very first thing that you would need to remember when it comes to wedding photography blogs is the fact that you are writing your blogs up for the purpose of your getting future clients and not for your current ones. Although truly enough, your current clients will appreciate the gesture of being featured in your blog (you should do that for all of the weddings that you cover anyway), your main target is still your future prospective clients. Your blog is your main and most powerful marketing tool and you will be wise to treat it as such.

Blogs can drive a good amount of traffic to your site.

That is something good especially if you are looking into really getting your brand out to more people. Even professionals like wedding photographer surrey blogs regularly. Your blog will be presented as an online portfolio that will aim to more or less impress your future clients. You will also be able to more easily connect with the vendors or other providers in the wedding event. That is a pretty nice source of referrals to tap into if you know how to utilize it through your blogs.

Compose your blog title accordingly.

Commit to a pretty simple enough formula. You start off with the first names of the couple with the name of the venue as well as include the actual location of the wedding. This is for simplicity and for search engine optimization, more than anything else. What you are looking at is for people who put in searches that match anything from the word “wedding” to the names of the venue and the location to be driven or directed to your main blog post and this, to your website. It is strategic as it is also smart. More than that, it is also something that is very easy to go ahead and initiate. You do not have to over think anything anymore because of the fact that most of the information has already been provided for at some point.

Then you move on to the hard part – the writing part

Suffice it to say, not a lot of people enjoy this activity and it is pretty understandable if you do not like it as well. You might even go so far and say that you are bad at writing and were never born to write. The truth of the matter is that nobody was born good at writing right then and there. It is something that you learn and cultivate over time and lots of practice and it should also be something that you should do if you ever want your blog to be a success. You do not have to go for anything lengthy at all or anything that is as thorough as a novel but you do need to put in some kind of description that will let you start the story of the wedding of your clients. Try to start with one paragraph and then work on building on it from there. That should be easy enough.

Photography Tips

raw formatIf you ask any professional wedding photographer who has been perfecting his craft in years which is the best file format to go with when it comes to filming the images, he will answer you without batting an eyelash that RAW is definitely the way to go. The reason why RAW is so special and so highly regarded by the professionals in the wedding photography scene (and the photography industry altogether) is the fact that you are actually getting a hold of a file format that has all of the information related to the image that has been captured directly from the sensor of the camera that you are shooting it with. The images you take are left untouched and are as original as ever. The images have not been compressed which means that no information of any kind is lost in the process. This is a huge deal if you are quite particular about image quality and the like.

Filming in RAW also means that the wedding photographer is able to fix any over exposed or under exposed images.

One goal that you should go aim for as a wedding photographer is for your images to get the best exposure as much as possible. The issue though is the fact that things can tend to move fast during weddings. More often than not, the north east wedding photographer is but a spectator armed with a camera to document things so you cannot really tell people to slow down a little when they walk or to hold off on the flashing hand gestures when they make their speeches. What this means for your images is that they may end up being over exposed or under exposed and none of those two come up with great looking and high quality photos. When you shoot in RAW, you have more information on the file compared to when you shoot in other formats so that means that you will more or less be able to fix the images that you shoot without having to sacrifice the quality too much.

You will be able to edit your images without ending up destroying them if you make a mistake.

If there is one thing that you would have to remember all the time as a wedding photographer, it would have to be the fact that you are only human and that you are prone to making mistakes especially when it comes to the editing process. If you edit your JPEG photos, you will not get the chance to backtrack and fix things if you mess up because it will automatically save the new edited version.

RAW files will let you edit the images without ever touching the original file.

What this means for you as a wedding photographer is that you can go about with different ways and effects to try on the picture without ever destroying the original file. As a matter of fact, JPEG files are particularly notorious for losing most of the details of the images they contain and that is the main reason why most professional wedding photographers tend to look down on it at some point.

Photography Tips

wedding photographyThe job of a wedding photographer is a tiring and highly stressful one. That probably explains the extremely high and hefty price tags that come along with the coverage of such events. However, if this is something that you are able to pull off quite right, this can be one of the most rewarding and lucrative careers out there as well. If there in one thing that you can really put your hopes on if you want to succeed in this particular kind of industry, it would have to be taking a hint from veteran wedding photographers who have been there and done that and really did their time in the field. Here are a few tips that we have gleaned for your benefit.

If you want to have a change in expressions, change your lenses for a bit.

Although close ups are an absolute requirement from wedding photographers, that does not necessarily mean that you have to be near them all the time and shove your camera in their faces all throughout the proceedings. If you want to capture something authentic and really worthy of being in the wedding albums, try to scoot to the back for a bit and capture your images from a distance. This will let the couple and other people in general relax better and actually have authentic expressions on their faces. It is a bit of a weird thing to consider but people really do tend to get nervous around wedding photographers. Switch to a telephoto lens and make your way to the back and watch the magic unfold.

So you’ve already met the bride and groom and know them by their first name, that is great. However, the thing is, if you want to succeed at really doing a great job in covering their wedding, you need to get to know the rest of the other key players by name as well. Get to know the maid of honor as well as the best man and be on first name basis with them as well. These people are usually a huge part of the planning process of the wedding. It helps a lot if there is someone you can consult during the actual wedding event when the bride and the groom are not that available.

Prepare for the fact that wedding dresses are all white (well, usually, for that matter)

It has been the tradition all over the world and there is no proof that that kind of trend will get to end anytime soon. The reason why this can prove to be a real issue for you as a surey wedding photographer is because of the fact that your camera sensor will see this as a giant white blob that needs to be adjusted or dulled out a little to save the photo. The thing is, it isn’t. It’s really just a lot of white, at the end of the day. You can fix this through positive exposure compensation. The bride will be thankful that her bridal dress did not end up looking like a dull gray one once the pictures come in.

Photography Tips

wedding photographyWhat you need to understand about wedding photography is the fact that every photographer has his own style and his own approach. Starting out, you might have probably shadowed with a more established wedding photographer like wedding photographer hull so that you can just get your feet wet and help get a feel for things before you start going off and booking clients on your own and that is fine.

Just make sure that all throughout that process, you are able to find yourself, artistically speaking. It is ok to find inspiration in other people and to even mimic a few of their techniques if it will help you improve yours but at the end of the day, you need to be able to find yourself.

Discover what you are good in and capitalize on your strengths

At the same time, assess yourself objectively and accept the areas that you are not that great with and work on improving on them every day. Word to the wise, there really is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to what makes the cut in the wedding photography industry. However, there are a few basic and generic steps that you can take to help you get there and to help you arrive at your own magic formula for success one way or the other.

First off, do not be afraid to take it slow

Take your time and take a step back and assess what you have before you and decide on the best way to attempt an approach. Work slowly and purposely and find your own method. Work at your own pace and do not rush things. When you rush things, you tend to think less and do more. That is not the right way to work on your craft. Be mindful of what you are doing every step of the way and take the time to really think things through. Wedding photography is not a race. The photographer who walks off with the most number of images does not necessarily win. It really depends on what your style is but the more that you put some thought and creativity into it, the more your photos will turn out looking great and worthy to be in the albums.

Make sure that you put in that extra effort of checking out the venue ahead of time

Keep in mind that the bride and groom chose that particular venue because out of all of the venues that they have reviewed so far, they think that that one is the best. Show up early or perhaps even visit a few days in advance so that you can take a few shots of the place before everyone starts coming in. This little thing will go a long way and you will see that the bride and groom will really appreciate the gesture tremendously at some point. Sometimes, the smallest of things really can make quite a difference. You might even gain some referrals from the venue owners if you are really good at it and if they like your pictures enough.

Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding photographers in general have a lot of things that they have to sort out at some point.

It is the kind of niche that is actually a bit hard to muscle your way through unless you get to start things right at some point. You will want to figure out a few tricks along the way and more than that, you will also want to make sure that you are better equipped more than anyone else to handle things on the way. Starting a career in wedding photography can be tough. The competition is practically cut throat. The pond is getting crowded but believe it or not, the customer base will basically never ever run out. People get married every single day and every day of the week. This means that your customer base is as solid as ever, if not never ending. Here are a few pointers that will help you out along the way.

Wear footwear that will last you all throughout the wedding event coverage.

You should seriously invest in comfortable shoes. You will be working really long hours and will be on the move all the time. You will want to pair it up with thick enough socks that will not blister your feet at some point. Believe it or not, you will be walking a lot. You will be walking probably more than you think you would. You probably think that those skyscraper high stilettos will look good on you but they are not and they will not be very friendly on your feet. You will end up being grumpy and uncomfortable and might impede your capability to take good looking photos.

Take charge and know how to command the attention of the room.

Great wedding photographers like this wedding photographer manchester know how to command the attention of a room. That is something that comes with the territory. If you are someone who is a bit timid to speak up, this is probably high time for you to start practicing one way or the other. You need to be able to start telling people if they are getting in the way, if they should be gathering together to get their photos taken, it they should move closer or look at a different angle one way or the other, and so on and so forth. You will also need to make sure that you are able to make a delicate balance between being able to command the attention of the room and still coming off as someone who is friendly and polite. Your clients deserve a wedding photographer who knows how to manage himself.

Maintain open lines of communication with the bride and the groom – mainly mostly with the bride.

You need to make sure that you are able to establish a really great relationship with the bride and with the groom. You need to be pretty much on the same page, manage expectations, and really understand each other properly. It will minimize disappointments and disagreements in the long run.